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curator David Amoyal  | 2017

Lev's  video work (Big Science, Untitled, 2017) deals with existentialism and the involvement of man in nature. The work does not ask to create a narrative but a lyrical say about creation.  In the video human figures enclosed in a laboratory that manufacture butterflies' cocoons by getting them ready for their hatching in a peaceful and meticulous manner.

In Jewish folklore, the cocoons are perceived as massive material symbolizing man in its basic form, that a Tora knowledgeable cabalist breathe life into by naming him with a godly name.

It seems that caring for the cocoon is a therapeutic, spiritual, maybe even religious experience, for those on their daily caring routine and also for the artist. The spirit of man is embodied in the cocoon fragility, potential and grandeur.  


Lev's work timeline moves both between the manufacturing and intervening in creation but also in dealing in the prophetic finitude of life, as the cocoons has no say about whether it's going to be born into the next phase of life.


David Amoyal, Curator

(translated from the exhibition's brochure)

Untitled (Big Science) 2017

video still

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